We are pleased to announce that our new company AP Trading Industries in helping pandemic COVID-19 has been launched (AP-Industries.co.uk/). This is being reviewed and updated regularly to ensure prices and offers are as up-to-date as possible. We know that demand is unprecedented but rest assured we are reviewing and updating all products added to this new section daily to ensure prices and offers are current and effective.

Our key area of focus via our eCommerce channel will be hygiene products to promote a healthy and safe life, but we are posting based on demand in terms of priority. Hand sanitisers are huge, in-demand products in these uncertain times, so it’s only fair they received the first introduction to our new website.

While standard alcohol-based hand sanitiser retail suppliers still had their usual UK stock allocation available for day to day (non-coronavirus) business usage requirements, AP Industries capitalized on their extensive knowledge and experience and positioned themselves as a leader in the field, with one of the best hand sanitizing products available for consumers in the UK markets.

The product is manufactured by one of our trusted Global manufacturers and allows AP Industries to rebrand it to LINIS and solely distributed to the UK market. Our product LINIS gives a presumption of conformity with essential requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC. The assessment process has been carried out in accordance with the program PC-P-07-07. The evaluation has been carried out in accordance with test reports made by EUROPE CERTIFICATION UNION CO.LTD laboratory.

Our aim at every stage was to provide his trusted and loyal distributor partners with a truly world-leading product, and a market edge that would help to keep their businesses going, whilst also saving people in the UK. Our LINIS product is truly exceptional and their product has remained at competitive pricing throughout the market fluctuations.

LINIS with 75% Ethanol alcohol content is based on WHO (World Health Organisation) recommendations. The products come in 300ml and 500ml size. Full SDS information and marketing information can be found on our website, and both small cases and bulk pallet offerings are available to clients with clear timelines outlined online to ensure transparency.

A range of other PPE items are also available via our specialist advisers and personal protective equipment suppliers, so please ask if you have any particular sourcing requirements. For volume buyers such as government departments, healthcare, pharmacies & supermarkets, rest assured our product range is extensive (but all may not be listed online) and it continues to grow.

Please let us know if you require high volumes of medical 3-ply face masks, surgical 3-ply face masks, Face Fit FFP2 KN95 face masks, Face Fit FFP3 KN99 face masks, or surgical gowns. We can supply millions of units at competitive prices with very short lead times direct from specialist manufacturers.

Our global network of trusted and certified factories can produce high-quality PPE (personal protective equipment) items with very fast lead times. We also have dedicated cargo planes and logistics available to ensure quality inspections throughout production, speedy customs checks, and rapid delivery to our clients wherever they are located around the world.

Keep safe everyone and stay tuned….


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